We are an actor-driven collective that that seeks to serve each other by pushing ourselves to develop, learn, and expand our art.

The cornerstone of our collective is monthly workshops in which we collaborate and engage with fellow actors as well as teachers, writers and directors in a spirit of openness, creativity, and possibility.

We believe work + risk = growth and this growth and self-discovery is essential not only to us as artists but as people.

Please visit our Who We Are page to see our members. The___Space is actor focused, but also strives to present opportunities for our guest directors and teachers to explore themes, works, or parts of their own craft through their work with our ensemble. Take a look at the What We’ve Done page to get an idea of the range and scope of some of our past workshops, or Contact Us if you think you might like to join us in one of our future sessions as a director, teacher, or guest artist.

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